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6th December 2006

gamerchick6:09pm: [OOC] The Final Soundtrack
The game may be over, but it's not totally the end; we've still got a season 6 soundtrack to put together. After receiving a bunch of MP3s I thought I'd show you what I have so far:

1. Matthew Good Band - Strange Days
2. either Barenaked Ladies - Adrift or Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Fritzie)
3. Shawn Colvin - New Thing Now (Ally)
4. My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade (Joey)
5. Stuart Davis - 8 Days In The Lotus (Jake)
6. Bonnie Raitt - I Will Not Be Broken (Teresa)
7. Ash - Kung Fu (Tran)
8. Matthew Good Band - The Fine Art Of Falling Apart
9. Rachael Sage - Bravest Fear (Sabrina)
10. Suzanne Vega - Rock In This Pocket (Simon)
11. Rachael Sage - Sacrifice (Jack)
12. U2 & Johnny Cash - The Wanderer (Louie)
13. The Cruxshadows - Eurydice
14. Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her? (Jack/Sabrina)
15. Heather Nova - Heart And Shoulder (Ally/Simon)
16. Cowboy Junkies - Those Final Feet (season 6 theme)

Anything I'm missing? If there are no objections, I'll copy this and get it to you before Christmas.
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22nd November 2006

teresatp5:04pm: Theme Song for Teresa
Got my season 6 theme! :D

I Will Not Be Broken
By: Bonnie Raitt

12th November 2006

andonthefritz5:55pm: Hey! It's Fritzie. Yeah, I'm still in hell, but I've had some odd experiences while down here. Yeah, I just ran into Joey down here, which really wasn't expected, but if I have livejournal access down here, anything is possible! Maybe even finding Chris...

Anyway, I've heard that some people might find what we talked about a little interesting. Here you goCollapse )
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10th November 2006

gamerchick10:34am: [OOC] November 25
It's official now - provided that no further conflicts arise, the date of our last Buffy session will be Saturday, November 25. We will start as early as possible in order to be done by a reasonable hour - eustacio, what is the earliest you could arrive at the game? As for the rest of you - particularly ilyeana and chia_rhino - please let me know if you have any conflicts, questions, or concerns about our final game session.

Also keep in mind that we are still looking for songs to include on the final soundtrack, and a volunteer to duplicate and distribute the CDs.

Thank you all so much for an amazing 2 1/2 years of gaming!
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7th October 2006

gamerchick2:13pm: [OOC] Season 6 Soundtrack
It's that time again. I have a few things I want to include this time around, and things that people have already suggested, but not too many:

"Blood", Lauren Hoffman (Sabrina)
"Sacrifice", Rachael Sage (Jack)
"Heart And Shoulder", Heather Nova (Simon/Ally)
"Can You Forgive Her?", Pet Shop Boys (Jack/Sabrina)
"Bravest Fear", Rachael Sage (season 6 theme)

I may also write a song for the soundtrack if I feel so inspired.

That's really all I have, so go ahead and suggest me some stuff!

ETA: chia_rhino wants "Adrift" by Barenaked Ladies for Fritzie.
dayzdark wants "Near The End" by David Gilmour for Jake, and possibly maybe "Like A Stone" by Audioslave for Tran?
Who is going to duplicate the CDs this time?
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31st July 2006

gamerchick10:44pm: [OOC] New Community

Submitted for your approval. You might enjoy going there if you're curious about what Fritzie's been up to in the underworld anyhow. (c:

13th June 2006

gamerchick2:00pm: [OOC] How to earn some extra XP over the next two weeks
I mentioned this at the game on Sunday night, but I'm putting it here too so it can be official and you can refer back to it later...

Since we're not playing next week, if you'd like to earn some extra XP/DP, post to this community with a story about something that never happened to your character. Think of this as a kind of "what if?", alternate universe exercise. What would have happened if your character had made a crucial decision differently? If she had stayed with one romantic interest instead of choosing another? If he had pursued a different sort of magic, or never pursued magic at all? Let your imagination run wild, and above all, have fun.

I will try to find the time to do a couple of these for the NPCs as well. If you have any requests for characters/situations you would like to hear about, feel free to make them in comments. I'm looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.

Also, keep in mind that the community as a whole is still accepting secrets!

12th June 2006

teresatp6:18pm: Teresa's Downtime
Teresa, by virtue of her personality and less intense relationship with the fallen Fragments, is probably the quickest to bounce back. She resumes her routine from before hand, though now taking more time at work to manage the employees as a partner to Kermit and even more time to work the administrative stuff to 'ease Fritizie's load.' This results in her spending some time at Art-Mental at least six days a week. Saturdays are her day of freedom however, not responding to anything work related at all.

Around the house she does her best to be a positive influence on everyone there. Each Saturday she opens up the opportunity for anyone willing to accompany her to see a movie during the afternoon and/or going out around Teffelsburg or New York that evening. At first she doesn't push anyone to come along, understanding that the Fragments and their cohorts would need some space and time, but by the end of the Summer she's looking to bring as many along as possible on every outting.

The rest of her spare time isn't as free as it has been in the past. Instead of going out night after night she's either helping out with the upkeep of the house (cleaning up zombie goo or showing Simon how to house chores 'correctly') or giving patrollers some back-up.

Ally (and possibly Fritzie and Joey) may notice a pile of demon anatomy books and sorcery texts first move from the library to Teresa's room, then vanish altogether. Teresa doesn't remember where she put them if asked.

11th June 2006

dayzdark11:49am: Doctor Tran downtime post (such as it is)
Doctor Tran seems to be avoiding contact with the Slayer fragments while at the same time watching them constantly. They'll catch glimpses of him peeking in a window or following them in a crowd. If they approach him, he splits into pieces and flees in all directions, making it impossible to follow him. Whichever ninja they chase turns out to be the wrong one.

He's become something like the Bigfoot of Tefflesburg. Local demons and vampires have seen him practicing Tai Chi in the cemetary, near the graves of the Rossi brothers. At first, creatures of darkness occasionally accosted or attacked him there, but after they all suffered swift defeats at his hands, nobody disturbs him anymore. He's been seen at the Drawbridge a few times, mostly observing the creatures there like a Kung Fu movie monk might observe the movements of snakes and cranes.

It seems like he is systematically visiting every place where Jake ever encountered the supernatural, though there doesn't seem to be a discernable pattern to these. His behavior in these places is decidedly strange, as if he is reliving events in Jake's life. Once, an entire parking lot full of cars was mysteriously covered with shaving cream. On one occasion, he stopped in at the Enchanted Forest, where Cathy would have seen him try to pick up some sorority girls on summer vacation. Their reactions were mixed, as they appeared torn between outrage and disgust at being hit on by a strangely dressed Asian man in his 30s. He seemed no more rattled by rejection than by the attacks on him in the cemetary.

10th June 2006

gamerchick10:41pm: Downtime: Simon
Although Simon is as badly hurt as anyone else after the fight in Chandlers Brook, he spends only a few days in the hospital. Instead, he moves into the Slayer house - into Sabrina's old room, ironically enough. If anybody questions this he says that he's staying there on Ally's invitation, and that he'll pull his own weight around the house.

If any of the Slayer fragments do have an objection to Simon's presence in the house, they would scarcely get the chance to take it up with him. In contrast to his assertive, almost confrontational personality during his first stay in the Slayer house, this time around he's so unobtrusive that sometimes it's easy to forget he's even there. He tends to avoid the Slayer house during times when he knows that a lot of people are going to be there, preferring to spend that time out of the house going on long jogs.

When Simon is seen around the house, it is often in the company of Ally. Whatever he had with Ally is clearly persisting, although in comparison to the past "in your face" type relationships (Ally's among them) that have taken place around the Slayer house, this one is much more discreet. It's around Ally that Simon seems most like his old self, joking around with the others and speaking his mind freely. He is also fairly comfortable around Teresa, maybe because she wasn't as closely tied in to everything that happened with Sabrina. However, he treads especially carefully around all the other Slayer fragments, aware that some of them may not have the highest opinion of him. This is best seen around Jack, who is definitely suspicious and mistrustful of Simon.

Simon gladly participates in patrols, and seems to look forward to them. His hard work with Ally in the training room (and a few early fights when he gets pretty banged up) pays off, and by the end of the summer he's a much better defensive fighter. Otherwise, Simon goes to great lengths to distance himself from reminders of who he used to be. Ally's best efforts to get him to patch things up with Anthony are not successful (although they do avert a screaming match or two), and he never goes to visit Nat. When Anthony and the remaining demon hunters leave town in the middle of July, Simon doesn't say anything about it, but is obviously upset.

For much of the summer, Simon doesn't really seem to know what to do with himself. It eventually gets around to everyone in the Slayer house that since Anthony was in charge of the demon hunting group's finances and has now left town with said finances, he's pretty much flat broke. But seeing as how five years of professional demon hunting experience do not look good on most resumes, Simon decides to earn his keep by doing chores and odd jobs around the Slayer house. It might not be what he had in mind when he came to Teffelsburg, but until the future makes his path clearer, he'll stay where he is.

(OOC: If you guys get the chance I would love to know about the PCs' reactions to Simon living in the house for my own GMing/roleplaying purposes, since I know this kind of got sprung on some of you.)
blind_ally3:15pm: Downtime
Ally spearheads the house cleaning when the slayer fragments reclaim it, working at cleaning and replacing and repairing with an energy she usually reserves for things that are more enjoyable. She helps Jack as much as she can, mostly holding things in place while he pounds nails into them. She is pretty quiet most of the time, everyone seems to be grieving in their own way, though sometimes she looks as if she is about to say something and she doesn't.

When not cleaning, the extra work that Neil has for her keeps her busy and the rest of her time is spent trying to patch things up between Simon and Anthony. Though she succeeds there just about as well as she did with Jack and Sabrina when she tried to help them work things out back in the day.

Nights, she still spends working some at the Sundown Lanes where she keeps her ear open for news, keeps an eye on Jack and promises to lay the smack-down on anyone who is going to cause problems. Her presence causes much less strain there than it did just after Whisper's death, but what demon can ever be really comfortable around a fragment of the slayer unless they don't see her that way (Jack and Benny, etc.).

After Simon gets out of the hospital she spends a lot of time with him. She is very jealous of their Wednesday nights at the movies and almost nothing is allowed to get in the way of their date. She also spends a lot of time with him in training, forcing him to learn to fight more defensively since he can't spring back to life now after a stab in the back like he is used to taking.

A month before the start of school, she hands in her resignation. Teaching just doesn't fit with her view of her path anymore. She begins to do a lot of research again just before the start of the season, and probing Jack with questions about anything he might have found, but not getting much of anything. she still hasn't come up with anything concrete, or much of a theory, but she hasn't given up on her quest, nor her duties as the Walker Between Worlds, two responsibilities which she takes very seriously. If Ally and Simon are ever really at odds it is about her belief that she has an obligation regarding the tattoo.

Overall, she is pretty contented and it's only in her attempts to help the others come to terms with things that she becomes frustrated by their rejection.

(hope I didn't forget anything)
andonthefritz8:42am: Fritzie's downtime
In the time after the rumble at Chandler's Brook, there is a definite change in Fritzie. While never really a social butterfly within the slayer house, social interaction is more the exception than the rule. If someone approaches her, all and well, but she very rarely initiates something on her own. She replaces any furniture in her room that needs it, and re-blocks the door between her room and Chris's former room with one of the giant Bizarro Evil Fritzie Banners.

A lot of her time is spent at her store. She rarely will take a day off, and while there acts as normally as before towards her employees and customers. However, she does spend an increased amount of time in her office, and while in the past, the door had usually been open, it now tends to be closed and locked while she is inside. If anyone asks, she says something about preparing for an individual art show that she's planning on putting on in the near future. The increased stacks of canvases in her office and the basement would seem to match that, but the accrual doesn't account for the amount of time spent behind closed doors. Anyone who knocks on the door would hear the shuffling of papers, and the closing of desk drawers before being allowed inside. Along with the normal delivery of art supplies and so forth, Fedex and UPS start delivering some rather curious looking packages.

She takes the lead in cleaning out Chris's apartment, and actually asks for volunteers to help. Anyone who goes along with her may notice that she holds on to the bloodstained t-shirt with the bullet holes that she and Chris had discussed the fate of earlier. She also re-appropriates Chris's car (her justification being that since he never finished helping her find one, but does offer to compensate Mrs. Rossi for it), and does her best to make sure that any other assets that Chris had go to Mrs. Rossi. Fritzie also somewhat adopts Chris and Jake's mother, and starts visiting Mrs. Rossi regularly to make sure that she is handling everything ok. If anyone asks, her response is that since she lacks parents, and Mrs Rossi lacks children, they understand eachother.

Now that she has a car, she will occasionally disappear with a shovel and/or magic supplies for a few hours. It is up to Beth if she comes back with anything or not (Beth, let me know if you don't remember what it was that she is looking for). Otherwise, in the evenings, if pestered enough about it, will go on patrol with other fragments, but is more likely to spend different parts of the night at the cemetery where certain former group members currently not-live. Her explination is that she's worried that some unsavory demon element will get the idea of doing something to the graves/corpses, so she's just trying to establish a presence like they did with the Zebracorn.

8th June 2006

gamerchick6:17pm: Downtime: Jack
Jack avoids the hospital stay that so many of the other Slayer fragments experience after their encounter with Sabrina in Chandlers Brook, but that doesn't mean everything is okay with him. At the funerals, he's as emotional as anyone else, but afterwards he seems to snap out of his grief a lot faster than anyone else and go back to his old self, cracking jokes and going far out of his way to avoid anything that seems like it might be remotely dangerous. Despite this, there's still a quiet sadness to what he does, as though he's covering for what he really feels. Maybe you get this feeling because although Jack talks non-stop about Jake and Chris, sharing funny stories about their lives as demon hunters and generally goes far out of his way to make sure they're not forgotten, he never says a single word about Sabrina.

Jack keeps himself busy cleaning out the Slayer house of all the disgusting zombie leftovers that it accumulated during the few days that the Patchwork King stayed inside it, and fixing all the structural damage that resulted from the Patchwork King's use of powers inside it. This takes more than a month since there was some really serious damage to the floor in the entryway particularly, and without Chris around he doesn't have much help for the trickier parts. Still, he does a beautiful job on his own, and by the end it's all as good as new.

The Sundown Lanes and the Drawbridge remain Jack's favorite haunts. Every so often he reports back to the other Slayer fragments about what's going on in the Teffelsburg demon community. It seems that a few of Whisper's underlings tried to step into his position but soon met with a gory end, which results in the demon drug trade being mostly abandoned on a large scale (although it will always continue amongst smaller groups). The power vacuum seems to be resolving itself in the form of many smaller-time demons and vampires rising up to boss around their own separate groups, resulting in a restoration (mostly) of order after the death of the Patchwork King, but nobody dares take the position of "head cheese" for the time being. In his spare time, Jack also continues poring over the Slayer house's library in his spare time, presumably still looking for soul retrieval information, although he's pretty tight-lipped about what he finds (or doesn't find) there.

All joking about self-preservation aside, there's a definite change in Jack when it comes time to go on patrol. He rarely tries to beg out of going on patrol anymore, and seems much bolder and more self-assured in fights. Running away is now the exception rather than the rule for him, at least at first; he still tends to bolt if he gets hurt, but he'll usually stand his ground at first. His favorite weapons are the two stakes he fashioned out of the broken fish stick, but anyone who drops by his basement room will also note that he's also laid claim to the sword and shield he once made for Sabrina. You haven't seen him use it in a fight yet, however.

6th June 2006

humbleminion10:22pm: Just Another day - DVD commentary track #2
Now, anyone who's ever run a game will be all too aware of the way that PCs always take the course of action that you DIDN'T prepare for in advance, the contrary buggers. But conversely, there's some things you do prepare for that never happen, so all your devious planning goes to waste. At which point you post it here...

Problem: In the final battle at Chandler's Brook, Jake splits into a horde of ninjas, each with a copy of Dark Side, and cuts the Patchwork King up into little bits before he can sample Alerion or do any of the other dramatic plotty stuff we expect him to.
Solution: The entangling vine powers that the Patchwork King possesses at this stage wraps up one ninja as tight as a mummy. Cerberath then promptly samples said ninja, drains its power (killing it, since it only has 5 hit points or something pathetic) and then copies himself a dozen or so times, making our poor GMs life considerably easier. If that doesn't keep the Jake ninjas busy, nothing will!

4th June 2006

gamerchick5:11pm: Downtime Post: Minor NPCs
Old Man Joppler puts in an appearance at Chris's funeral, looking very ill and walking shakily with the aid of two canes. It's clear that a strenuous search for a manager to replace Chris is beyond him at this point, and all he can really do to ensure the future of Joppler's Jungle is to sign whatever people put in front of him. Cleo and Judd, Chris's assistant managers, do their best to help him pick up the slack and make the correct decisions, but with both of them in school, it's tough. The two of them do their best to cover for Chris over the summer, but they're having a hard time finding a suitable manager and neither of them would be able to move into the position without abandoning their studies. As the school year begins, the fate of Joppler's Jungle is uncertain; Joppler's in no position to run the place, the bills from the storm and the Bast incident are piling up, and without a reliable manager to take Chris's place, it's not certain whether the store will be able to remain open for much longer.

Mrs. Rossi is clearly devastated by the deaths of both of her sons, and more so than anything else, she's looking for answers. After a brief leave of absence from her job at the Davis Industries plant, she returns to work and, to all appearances, some semblance of a normal life. But anybody who knew her before can see the changes in her behavior. Although the Rossi family was never particularly religious, Mrs. Rossi suddenly becomes a weekly fixture at various churches around the Teffelsburg area, picking up and dropping them as if trying to find the one that will tell her why all of this had to happen. And the fact that she's in on the real reason behind Chris and Jake's untimely deaths has an influence as well; visitors to her house notice a large number of New-Age-y pamphlets of varying degrees of scamminess lying around, each one more certain than the next that it can really answer the big questions like where we go when we die.

Although everyone would have seen Tyler crying like a little kid at Chris's funeral, he shows no such proclivity for getting in touch with his spiritual side. Just as planned, Tyler is released from juvenile hall at the end of August, and transitions to a foster home while his case workers try to track down his father Owen (a task that the Slayer fragments surely know is futile). Shortly after being released, Tyler begins his sophomore year at Central High School; although Ally doesn't have him in any of her classes, she certainly sees him around the halls and cafeterias and notes that he seems to be making friends, just not the "good kid" type. Tyler has quite a reputation at Central as "that kid who got sent to jail for beating up Donald Davis", and the fact that he seems to delight in playing up said reputation as a jail-hardened criminal means that the only kids who really approach him are even more delinquent than he is.

Anthony is the beneficiary of the Good Samaritan Hospital's ER doctors' skill in trauma care, gets his tongue reattached and mostly functional, though he'll always have a bit of a speech impediment. As soon as he's released in the middle of July, he rounds up the surviving and non-crazy demon hunters who are left over from Simon's crew (a group that totals just under ten people) and hits the road again. He doesn't really seem to know where they're going or what they plan to do next, . He does not say a word to either Simon or Nat before leaving, and does not provide any of the Slayer fragments with a way to contact him or find him.

Natalie is physically unhurt following the events at the hunter camp and in Chandlers Brook, but the psychological scars left by her experience will undoubtedly take time to heal. She ends up in the mental health wing of Good Samaritan Hospital, but it's questionable how well-equipped they are to treat her since it would seem that most of her craziness was born not out of psychiatric trama, but rather of harnessing Forces With Which Man Was Not Meant To Fuck. Nevertheless, by the beginning of September she has apparently regained enough control over her magic use and her mental faculties to begin to function in society, and it seems likely that she'll be released soon, whether she wants to face the outside world or not. What will happen to her at that point depends upon whether anyone steps up to give her a place to go, since her family in Germany has proven surprisingly difficult to contact.

Neil finds himself dealing with an upswing in business for the rest of the summer, as panicked demons and magic users suddenly find themselves in need of the services of a psychic. With Whisper's seat still vacant, and an avatar of Alerion presumably on the loose, paranoia and speculation is running high in Teffelsburg, and everyone wants to protect their investment by making sure their business partners aren't going to take advantage of the chaos to screw them over. As such, Neil is unable to interact with the Slayer fragments on a casual level most of the time, and keeps Ally busy in her ongoing part-time personal assistant job. He attends the funerals, and whips up an amazing selection of tacos in the church basement that many of the funeralgoers will probably be talking about for years to come. Despite his busy schedule, his door is always open to any Slayer fragment who is willing to follow the proper protocols for their three Tacomancy questions.

Henry Harter gets out of the hospital about a week after the events in Chandlers Brook and returns to his office in Manhattan. Before leaving, he makes it clear to Ally that he considers their deal to be completed even after he only received the initial $5000 - "it was only half successful, after all, and I don't charge for failures." He seems to think that his savage beating at the hands of O'Connell is something that goes with the territory, since he also leaves her a business card and an offer to work with her again in the future - along with hints that some apocalyptic illusory revenge prank is in the Slayer fragments' immediate future...

Benny and Vince are pretty confused by the sudden disappearance of 1/3 of their band. Apparently, neither of them ever really knew that Sabrina had so many magic use problems (particularly Vince, who's still not 100% in on this whole supernatural thing), so they adopt the "our lead singer went out of town to deal with some personal stuff" story to deflect any questions about the future of their band. Trapeze goes on a possibly permanent hiatus as both of them move on to side projects. Benny, who is pretty much a permanent fixture at the Sundown Lanes by now, finds gainful employment filling in for the bartenders and drumming with the house band, while Vince goes back to his day job working in an insurance company and looks for a new band to fill the time. Neither of them seems super-concerned about Sabrina's absence, and are mostly just frustrated that they can't go on with Trapeze just when the band was beginning to gain some momentum.

Jay and Sweet Nothings continue a seemingly never-ending tour. After finishing out the club tour they headlined, they end up opening for a slate of bigger emo-ish bands playing bigger venues and embarking on an eight-week tour that has just concluded in the beginning of September. But despite the band's best efforts, they are beginning to drop off the national radar. Although the local Teffelsburg paper still occasionally carries stories about the band, the two follow-up singles to "Sunday Morning" do not crack the top 40. Sweet Nothings maintains a rabid following of Teffelsburg residents and cute-boy-punk-band-loving teenage girls across the nation, but their earlier success has not yet given them nationwide name recognition except in a few subcultures and in relation to Jay's brief stint in rehab. In interviews, Jay insists he's gone clean, but most fans and casual observers aren't so sure. The follow-up record they're contracted to record with Sony will decide a lot about the future of the band - if Jay can make it that long without bingeing again, that is.

Anybody I missed? Please inform me and I will edit this post.
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1st June 2006

andonthefritz10:44pm: She was not a philosopher, so the hows and the whys were less than forthcoming. Would they come later? At the moment, she didn't really care. The big picture was pointless, the good fight was pointless, and the idea of being anything other than completely wrapped up in her own grief was pointless, so obviously, the well intentioned attempts of her remaining friends to convince her to do something else was pointless as well. Everything involving some sort of wants or morals was, at this moment, so completely and utterly pointless, that her mind could not even be remotely bothered by it.

The problem was, being so used to first looking at the world before thinking about it, she was entirely too focused in on the visual.

The grass - green.
The fresh dirt - soft and brown.
The stone - gray, rough, and no matter how hard she tried, not a figment of her imagination.


The body that she held and saw the life slowly disappearing from.
The sheepish look he always had whenever he would do something that was ultimately bad for him, but beneficial for someone else.
Was it possible to completely love and hate the same thing? No. Too much thought.

Instead, she lay on her back in the soft, fresh dirt, in front of the gray, rough stone, and surrounded by the green grass. If she ignored the 6 or so feet of distance, and the plank of wood that was between them, and pretended that they weren't in the cemetery, and then rotated the entire thing 90 degrees, then it was practically as if they were home again, sleeping in the same bed.

Thinking would only ruin the illusion. The artist was there to visualize it.
gamerchick2:06pm: [OOC] Downtime Postage
Hey guys. Here's the deal. We wrapped up season 5 last Sunday, and we will not play this Sunday. Season 6 begins on Sunday, June 11 at the normal time and place. We agreed at the last session on ~2 months of downtime to finish out the summer and get us close to the 1-year mark of the Slayer fragments being all Slayer-y, which I think will take us from June 19 to let's say September 1. Go ahead and make a post at anytime about what your character does during those 2 months. It has also been requested that I report on the downtime activities of:

Kirsten (in comments to joey_rister's post)
Old Man Joppler
Mrs. Rossi
Benny and Vince

If you've thought of anyone else you'd like to hear from, let me know and I'll add them to the minor NPCs mega-post. Now, go forth and write coolness! XP and/or DP will be your reward.
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30th May 2006

humbleminion11:02pm: Just Another Day - DVD commentary track #1
So, this is the first in an irregular series of 'DVD commentary' entries, drawing back the curtain a little on the plotting and planning that gamerchick and I do to bring you the angst you all know and love. I'm not planning to spoil any future plots here, but I thought it would be fun to have some of the creative process out in the open, shine some light on a few abandoned plots, and answer any questions people have on the That Which Has Gone Before. So, if you've ever wanted to know who Bloody Hank Sixgun was, or who it was who really decided what was going to happen to Lindsey, feel free to ask! I'm a zillion miles away, so I'm not going to be able to sit in on the post-game beer-and-Q&A session once the campaign winds up, but I CAN talk about it here...

And where better to start than the pairings we brainstormed up for the Slayerslash episode?Collapse )

13th May 2006

gamerchick11:54am: [OOC] No game Sunday; Season 5 soundtrack
Hey there people,

Well, as you all should know by now, we're not able to play this week, but we'll be back on track for next week. We only have two episodes left in season 5, so it would be cool if we could make up the session we missed somehow, but if we can't that's okay too.

Since we have to miss out on gaming (*sniffle*), I thought I would ease the pain by posting the final track listing for our season 5 soundtrack, which is soon to be copied and distributed by blind_ally just as soon as I remember to give it to her (oops).

1. "Half Jack," The Dresden Dolls (general season 5)
2. "Stand," Blues Traveler (Fritzie Berg)
3. "As You Are," Ellis (Ally Preator)
4. "The Invasion From Within," Tsunami Bomb (Joey Rister)
5. "The Gift," Seether (Chris Rossi)
6. "Savoring Samsara," Stuart Davis (Jake Rossi)
7. "Gravity," The Dresden Dolls (Sabrina Winter)
8. "Soul Back," Butterfly Boucher (Jack Hemlock)
9. "Winding Road," Bonnie Somerville (Teresa - does she even *have* a last name?!)
10. "(Can't Get My) Head Around You," The Offspring (general season 5)
11. "Kid Mystic," Stuart Davis (Simon Blue)
12. "Water," Oingo Boingo (Anthony McDermott)
13. "From A Balance Beam," Bright Eyes (Natalie Norling)
14. "Original Sin," Taylor Dayne (Cerberath, the Patchwork King)
15. "Zombie," The Cranberries (Alfred O'Connell)
16. "Can You See The Lights?," Butterfly Boucher (general season 5)
17. "In The Quiet Morning," Joan Baez (Lindsay Springfield)
18. "Lonely Day," System Of A Down (Chris/Fritzie)
19. "First We Take Manhattan," Leonard Cohen (season 5 theme)
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18th March 2006

gamerchick11:17am: Season 5 Soundtrack Ideas Post
Okay folks, now that we've pretty much passed the halfway mark of season 5, it's that time to start thinking about soundtrack stuff. So far, this is what I have:

- Songs for Sabrina ("Gravity," The Dresden Dolls) and Jack ("Soul Back," Butterfly Boucher)
- Songs for Simon ("Kid Mystic," Stuart Davis), Anthony ("Water," Oingo Boingo), and Nat ("From A Balance Beam," Bright Eyes)
- A song for the seasonal Big Bad (no fair telling you who that is!)
- Oh obviously I also have the song that the season title comes from - First We Take Manhattan
- Some general songs that evoke the group or the season - blind_ally suggested "Can You See The Lights?" by Butterfly Boucher, chrisrossi suggested "Can't Get My Head Around You" by the Offspring, and I can't possibly be happy without "Half Jack" by the Dresden Dolls on the soundtrack (which is a PERFECT song for EVERYTHING if you just forget what the song is actually about).

This still leaves us with plenty of space (almost half an hour!) to add other things. So what I need from you now is:
- Character themes! Both Ally and Jake have possibilities (but I think that dayzdark hasn't entirely decided on his?), but we need to get ideas for Fritzie, Chris, and Joey. Again, if you can't pick a song, we'll give you one, so it's in your own best interest to pick something or you end up with Bon Jovi!
- Any other NPCs you want to see represented on the soundtrack? If so, with what song?
- Relationship songs? General group songs? Anything else you want?
- Anything/anyone that humbleminion wants to see included?

We also need a volunteer to burn and assemble the CDs this time around. eustacio, chia_rhino, and I have already done CD duty, which would make it dayzdark, peloria, or Iain's turn this time around, I think.

So, go to the comments and start brainstorming!
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