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Season 5 Soundtrack Ideas Post

Okay folks, now that we've pretty much passed the halfway mark of season 5, it's that time to start thinking about soundtrack stuff. So far, this is what I have:

- Songs for Sabrina ("Gravity," The Dresden Dolls) and Jack ("Soul Back," Butterfly Boucher)
- Songs for Simon ("Kid Mystic," Stuart Davis), Anthony ("Water," Oingo Boingo), and Nat ("From A Balance Beam," Bright Eyes)
- A song for the seasonal Big Bad (no fair telling you who that is!)
- Oh obviously I also have the song that the season title comes from - First We Take Manhattan
- Some general songs that evoke the group or the season - blind_ally suggested "Can You See The Lights?" by Butterfly Boucher, chrisrossi suggested "Can't Get My Head Around You" by the Offspring, and I can't possibly be happy without "Half Jack" by the Dresden Dolls on the soundtrack (which is a PERFECT song for EVERYTHING if you just forget what the song is actually about).

This still leaves us with plenty of space (almost half an hour!) to add other things. So what I need from you now is:
- Character themes! Both Ally and Jake have possibilities (but I think that dayzdark hasn't entirely decided on his?), but we need to get ideas for Fritzie, Chris, and Joey. Again, if you can't pick a song, we'll give you one, so it's in your own best interest to pick something or you end up with Bon Jovi!
- Any other NPCs you want to see represented on the soundtrack? If so, with what song?
- Relationship songs? General group songs? Anything else you want?
- Anything/anyone that humbleminion wants to see included?

We also need a volunteer to burn and assemble the CDs this time around. eustacio, chia_rhino, and I have already done CD duty, which would make it dayzdark, peloria, or Iain's turn this time around, I think.

So, go to the comments and start brainstorming!
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