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[OOC] No game Sunday; Season 5 soundtrack

Hey there people,

Well, as you all should know by now, we're not able to play this week, but we'll be back on track for next week. We only have two episodes left in season 5, so it would be cool if we could make up the session we missed somehow, but if we can't that's okay too.

Since we have to miss out on gaming (*sniffle*), I thought I would ease the pain by posting the final track listing for our season 5 soundtrack, which is soon to be copied and distributed by blind_ally just as soon as I remember to give it to her (oops).

1. "Half Jack," The Dresden Dolls (general season 5)
2. "Stand," Blues Traveler (Fritzie Berg)
3. "As You Are," Ellis (Ally Preator)
4. "The Invasion From Within," Tsunami Bomb (Joey Rister)
5. "The Gift," Seether (Chris Rossi)
6. "Savoring Samsara," Stuart Davis (Jake Rossi)
7. "Gravity," The Dresden Dolls (Sabrina Winter)
8. "Soul Back," Butterfly Boucher (Jack Hemlock)
9. "Winding Road," Bonnie Somerville (Teresa - does she even *have* a last name?!)
10. "(Can't Get My) Head Around You," The Offspring (general season 5)
11. "Kid Mystic," Stuart Davis (Simon Blue)
12. "Water," Oingo Boingo (Anthony McDermott)
13. "From A Balance Beam," Bright Eyes (Natalie Norling)
14. "Original Sin," Taylor Dayne (Cerberath, the Patchwork King)
15. "Zombie," The Cranberries (Alfred O'Connell)
16. "Can You See The Lights?," Butterfly Boucher (general season 5)
17. "In The Quiet Morning," Joan Baez (Lindsay Springfield)
18. "Lonely Day," System Of A Down (Chris/Fritzie)
19. "First We Take Manhattan," Leonard Cohen (season 5 theme)
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