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Downtime Post: Minor NPCs

Old Man Joppler puts in an appearance at Chris's funeral, looking very ill and walking shakily with the aid of two canes. It's clear that a strenuous search for a manager to replace Chris is beyond him at this point, and all he can really do to ensure the future of Joppler's Jungle is to sign whatever people put in front of him. Cleo and Judd, Chris's assistant managers, do their best to help him pick up the slack and make the correct decisions, but with both of them in school, it's tough. The two of them do their best to cover for Chris over the summer, but they're having a hard time finding a suitable manager and neither of them would be able to move into the position without abandoning their studies. As the school year begins, the fate of Joppler's Jungle is uncertain; Joppler's in no position to run the place, the bills from the storm and the Bast incident are piling up, and without a reliable manager to take Chris's place, it's not certain whether the store will be able to remain open for much longer.

Mrs. Rossi is clearly devastated by the deaths of both of her sons, and more so than anything else, she's looking for answers. After a brief leave of absence from her job at the Davis Industries plant, she returns to work and, to all appearances, some semblance of a normal life. But anybody who knew her before can see the changes in her behavior. Although the Rossi family was never particularly religious, Mrs. Rossi suddenly becomes a weekly fixture at various churches around the Teffelsburg area, picking up and dropping them as if trying to find the one that will tell her why all of this had to happen. And the fact that she's in on the real reason behind Chris and Jake's untimely deaths has an influence as well; visitors to her house notice a large number of New-Age-y pamphlets of varying degrees of scamminess lying around, each one more certain than the next that it can really answer the big questions like where we go when we die.

Although everyone would have seen Tyler crying like a little kid at Chris's funeral, he shows no such proclivity for getting in touch with his spiritual side. Just as planned, Tyler is released from juvenile hall at the end of August, and transitions to a foster home while his case workers try to track down his father Owen (a task that the Slayer fragments surely know is futile). Shortly after being released, Tyler begins his sophomore year at Central High School; although Ally doesn't have him in any of her classes, she certainly sees him around the halls and cafeterias and notes that he seems to be making friends, just not the "good kid" type. Tyler has quite a reputation at Central as "that kid who got sent to jail for beating up Donald Davis", and the fact that he seems to delight in playing up said reputation as a jail-hardened criminal means that the only kids who really approach him are even more delinquent than he is.

Anthony is the beneficiary of the Good Samaritan Hospital's ER doctors' skill in trauma care, gets his tongue reattached and mostly functional, though he'll always have a bit of a speech impediment. As soon as he's released in the middle of July, he rounds up the surviving and non-crazy demon hunters who are left over from Simon's crew (a group that totals just under ten people) and hits the road again. He doesn't really seem to know where they're going or what they plan to do next, . He does not say a word to either Simon or Nat before leaving, and does not provide any of the Slayer fragments with a way to contact him or find him.

Natalie is physically unhurt following the events at the hunter camp and in Chandlers Brook, but the psychological scars left by her experience will undoubtedly take time to heal. She ends up in the mental health wing of Good Samaritan Hospital, but it's questionable how well-equipped they are to treat her since it would seem that most of her craziness was born not out of psychiatric trama, but rather of harnessing Forces With Which Man Was Not Meant To Fuck. Nevertheless, by the beginning of September she has apparently regained enough control over her magic use and her mental faculties to begin to function in society, and it seems likely that she'll be released soon, whether she wants to face the outside world or not. What will happen to her at that point depends upon whether anyone steps up to give her a place to go, since her family in Germany has proven surprisingly difficult to contact.

Neil finds himself dealing with an upswing in business for the rest of the summer, as panicked demons and magic users suddenly find themselves in need of the services of a psychic. With Whisper's seat still vacant, and an avatar of Alerion presumably on the loose, paranoia and speculation is running high in Teffelsburg, and everyone wants to protect their investment by making sure their business partners aren't going to take advantage of the chaos to screw them over. As such, Neil is unable to interact with the Slayer fragments on a casual level most of the time, and keeps Ally busy in her ongoing part-time personal assistant job. He attends the funerals, and whips up an amazing selection of tacos in the church basement that many of the funeralgoers will probably be talking about for years to come. Despite his busy schedule, his door is always open to any Slayer fragment who is willing to follow the proper protocols for their three Tacomancy questions.

Henry Harter gets out of the hospital about a week after the events in Chandlers Brook and returns to his office in Manhattan. Before leaving, he makes it clear to Ally that he considers their deal to be completed even after he only received the initial $5000 - "it was only half successful, after all, and I don't charge for failures." He seems to think that his savage beating at the hands of O'Connell is something that goes with the territory, since he also leaves her a business card and an offer to work with her again in the future - along with hints that some apocalyptic illusory revenge prank is in the Slayer fragments' immediate future...

Benny and Vince are pretty confused by the sudden disappearance of 1/3 of their band. Apparently, neither of them ever really knew that Sabrina had so many magic use problems (particularly Vince, who's still not 100% in on this whole supernatural thing), so they adopt the "our lead singer went out of town to deal with some personal stuff" story to deflect any questions about the future of their band. Trapeze goes on a possibly permanent hiatus as both of them move on to side projects. Benny, who is pretty much a permanent fixture at the Sundown Lanes by now, finds gainful employment filling in for the bartenders and drumming with the house band, while Vince goes back to his day job working in an insurance company and looks for a new band to fill the time. Neither of them seems super-concerned about Sabrina's absence, and are mostly just frustrated that they can't go on with Trapeze just when the band was beginning to gain some momentum.

Jay and Sweet Nothings continue a seemingly never-ending tour. After finishing out the club tour they headlined, they end up opening for a slate of bigger emo-ish bands playing bigger venues and embarking on an eight-week tour that has just concluded in the beginning of September. But despite the band's best efforts, they are beginning to drop off the national radar. Although the local Teffelsburg paper still occasionally carries stories about the band, the two follow-up singles to "Sunday Morning" do not crack the top 40. Sweet Nothings maintains a rabid following of Teffelsburg residents and cute-boy-punk-band-loving teenage girls across the nation, but their earlier success has not yet given them nationwide name recognition except in a few subcultures and in relation to Jay's brief stint in rehab. In interviews, Jay insists he's gone clean, but most fans and casual observers aren't so sure. The follow-up record they're contracted to record with Sony will decide a lot about the future of the band - if Jay can make it that long without bingeing again, that is.

Anybody I missed? Please inform me and I will edit this post.
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