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Ally Preator


Ally spearheads the house cleaning when the slayer fragments reclaim it, working at cleaning and replacing and repairing with an energy she usually reserves for things that are more enjoyable. She helps Jack as much as she can, mostly holding things in place while he pounds nails into them. She is pretty quiet most of the time, everyone seems to be grieving in their own way, though sometimes she looks as if she is about to say something and she doesn't.

When not cleaning, the extra work that Neil has for her keeps her busy and the rest of her time is spent trying to patch things up between Simon and Anthony. Though she succeeds there just about as well as she did with Jack and Sabrina when she tried to help them work things out back in the day.

Nights, she still spends working some at the Sundown Lanes where she keeps her ear open for news, keeps an eye on Jack and promises to lay the smack-down on anyone who is going to cause problems. Her presence causes much less strain there than it did just after Whisper's death, but what demon can ever be really comfortable around a fragment of the slayer unless they don't see her that way (Jack and Benny, etc.).

After Simon gets out of the hospital she spends a lot of time with him. She is very jealous of their Wednesday nights at the movies and almost nothing is allowed to get in the way of their date. She also spends a lot of time with him in training, forcing him to learn to fight more defensively since he can't spring back to life now after a stab in the back like he is used to taking.

A month before the start of school, she hands in her resignation. Teaching just doesn't fit with her view of her path anymore. She begins to do a lot of research again just before the start of the season, and probing Jack with questions about anything he might have found, but not getting much of anything. she still hasn't come up with anything concrete, or much of a theory, but she hasn't given up on her quest, nor her duties as the Walker Between Worlds, two responsibilities which she takes very seriously. If Ally and Simon are ever really at odds it is about her belief that she has an obligation regarding the tattoo.

Overall, she is pretty contented and it's only in her attempts to help the others come to terms with things that she becomes frustrated by their rejection.

(hope I didn't forget anything)
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