Caligo (dayzdark) wrote in teffelsburg_ct,

Doctor Tran downtime post (such as it is)

Doctor Tran seems to be avoiding contact with the Slayer fragments while at the same time watching them constantly. They'll catch glimpses of him peeking in a window or following them in a crowd. If they approach him, he splits into pieces and flees in all directions, making it impossible to follow him. Whichever ninja they chase turns out to be the wrong one.

He's become something like the Bigfoot of Tefflesburg. Local demons and vampires have seen him practicing Tai Chi in the cemetary, near the graves of the Rossi brothers. At first, creatures of darkness occasionally accosted or attacked him there, but after they all suffered swift defeats at his hands, nobody disturbs him anymore. He's been seen at the Drawbridge a few times, mostly observing the creatures there like a Kung Fu movie monk might observe the movements of snakes and cranes.

It seems like he is systematically visiting every place where Jake ever encountered the supernatural, though there doesn't seem to be a discernable pattern to these. His behavior in these places is decidedly strange, as if he is reliving events in Jake's life. Once, an entire parking lot full of cars was mysteriously covered with shaving cream. On one occasion, he stopped in at the Enchanted Forest, where Cathy would have seen him try to pick up some sorority girls on summer vacation. Their reactions were mixed, as they appeared torn between outrage and disgust at being hit on by a strangely dressed Asian man in his 30s. He seemed no more rattled by rejection than by the attacks on him in the cemetary.
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