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[OOC] Season 6 Soundtrack

It's that time again. I have a few things I want to include this time around, and things that people have already suggested, but not too many:

"Blood", Lauren Hoffman (Sabrina)
"Sacrifice", Rachael Sage (Jack)
"Heart And Shoulder", Heather Nova (Simon/Ally)
"Can You Forgive Her?", Pet Shop Boys (Jack/Sabrina)
"Bravest Fear", Rachael Sage (season 6 theme)

I may also write a song for the soundtrack if I feel so inspired.

That's really all I have, so go ahead and suggest me some stuff!

ETA: chia_rhino wants "Adrift" by Barenaked Ladies for Fritzie.
dayzdark wants "Near The End" by David Gilmour for Jake, and possibly maybe "Like A Stone" by Audioslave for Tran?
Who is going to duplicate the CDs this time?
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