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Just Another Day - DVD commentary track #3

So, Season 2. It's actually a little odd to remember this now, but this whole season started out as a one-shot idea I pitched to gamerchick, and that she ran with far beyond what I originally expected.

Anyway, the horrible secret that 99% of roleplayers have probably figured out long ago is that quite often GMs don't actually bother working out a 'correct' solution to the horrible situations we dump PCs in. Instead, we just see what the players come up with, and then allow whatever sounds coolest to work.

Bloody Hank Sixgun was an example of that. Originally, the 2nd season plot was going to have the Fragments chasing around after the 6 Orbs of Har-Rahman in competition with the Order of the Star. When you got all six, perform Buffy Ritual #6232 With Standard-Issue Occult Gobbledegook, and in a whirling lightshow of low-budget CGI the Order of the Star revert back to their original selves. Pretty lame, I guess. But then Jake came up with the whole Shinobi thing to get into Mirabella's pants. Hey presto, said gamerchick, this 'getting into the story' idea is much cooler, and doesn't involve a lame fetch quest, so we'll go with that instead. But we'd already introduced the Orbs by this stage, so we kinda had to include them in the plot anyway. But we did de-emphasise them a great deal from what we were originally planning. And Hank was one of those things that didn't quite make the cut.

Bloody Hank Sixgun was the guardian and possessor of one of the Orbs of Har-Rahman. He was a legendarily evil cowboy outlaw from the Old West, whose depredations were finally brought to an end when an alliance of Native American shamans and medicine men managed to kill him and bind him to the earth. Over the years, he was forgottn, and the land on which his tomb lay became part of a farm outside Teffelsburg. Of course, this happened to be that farm where Owen and his family stayed when they came to town, and one day, not long after the Slayer Fragments had met up with Owen and clan, one of the young werewolf pups discovered this really cool bone half-buried on the edge of the property...

So, with the wards broken, Bloody Hank, with his two sorcerously enhanced sixshooters and his ten-gallon hat with the Orb of Har-Rahman set in the brim, walks the earth once again. gamerchick gets to do her best Old Western voice, and the PCs spend a couple of episodes trapped in the farmhouse frantically battling an undead cowboy (remember, this was back in season 2 when critters didn't have to be gods, true demons, or ancient vampires to actually be dangerous to the the PCs...) who has them cut off from civilisation.

Part of the idea of the mini-plot was to introduce the idea that the Orbs could beef up the powers of the evil creatures that possessed them, part was the hope that something would happen between Lindsey and Chris if we locked them in a house together, and part of it was the hope that when Fritzie happened across the stash of magic artifacts that the shamans left behind, she's get all over-excited and this would help tip her over into magic addiction. Of course, all the above pretty much ended up happening without any help from us and the campaign was stronger for the increased focus on the Order of the Star, but I still think it would have been fun to meet good ol' Hank...
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