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Hey! It's Fritzie. Yeah, I'm still in hell, but I've had some odd experiences while down here. Yeah, I just ran into Joey down here, which really wasn't expected, but if I have livejournal access down here, anything is possible! Maybe even finding Chris...

Anyway, I've heard that some people might find what we talked about a little interesting. Here you !

Unfortunately for Fritzie, the loud thinking and the portal hasn't gotten her THE Chris still. Instead, it has gotten her...the Joey. Who just happens to walk through a portal that leads into a classic hell. The screams of various tortured souls can be heard, though they cannot be seen. Joey looks confused, scratching his head like he tends to do. "Where the hell did I end up?" he wonders loudly enough for Fritzie to hear him, as he's not that far away. Then he seems to register Fritizie. "Fritzie?"

Fritzie pops out of the portal into a new area. She just stares and blinks at the surroundings, mentally gathering herself. It doesn't take long to dawn on her that there is sound once again, though it is less than pleasant. It takes a little longer for her to notice that there is a Joey, and that the Joey is speaking to her. She looks at him with a bit of suspicion on her face. "Joey? What in the hell are you doing in hell?"

Joey looks over at Fritzie. "Erm. I think...I sort of died," Joey replies. "There was a big fight, against Jake's old kung fu teacher. He got turned into a vampire and had all those monk powers. There were some giant animated statues, and after he shoved his hand through my chest, well...I got smashed over the head hard. Something in my neck snapped I think". The man is stating this relatively calmly, for someone who just got killed, really.

The Fritzout that has been building ever since she's arrived in Hell bubbles over. "Wait, so you're real! You're really dead? Where's everyone else? In heaven? Is there a heaven? Why are you herebecauseIthoughtthateverythingwedobeingallridtheworldofevilandallwouldgetusawayfromheresowhyeeeeeeeeeee..."

Joey smiles at Fritzie. "You know, I've forgotten how much I've missed you," Joey offers. Nobody can quite replace Fritzie. "As far as I know, the others are alive. In fact, I have a few things to tell you that might help you out a bit," Joey offers. "I think that's why I just sort of ended up here, you know?" He pauses. "Well, the first thing. Do you remember Tran?" Joey asks.

"Wait! You'reinhellbecauseofmee?!!" Fritzie looks torn between being ecstatic and horribly upset.

"Fritzie, I swear to you that the times you told me to go to hell back in high school had nothing to do with this," Joey assures her. Tenth grade and all. "But listen. Tran? Was Jake. And isn't Tran anymore. He's back to being Jake. It was one of his techniques. Jake never truely died".

That information stops Fritzie. "Jake's not dead? Um.. Chris isn't walking around up there too, is he? I can't seem to find him, so that might make sense..."

"No. Chris is not alive, I'm afraid," Joey says. "But Jake wasn't the only one with a fake face. Marie tricked you, Fritzie. She tricked us all". The man looks down at the floor. "Should have seen it coming earlier, but we were too busy playing into her hands".

Fritzie sits down on the ground and motions for Joey to follow. "What do you mean, she tricked us? Ha, ha, you're in Hell?"

"No. Marie was an ancient vampire. Persephone was her name. She was incredibly powerful. But she only wanted you out of your body for one reason. Your body was to become a vessel," Joey says as he sits down beside her. "Get you out of the picture and make you a tool of getting Alerion back into the world. She had a big long ritual planned and she almost pulled it off".

Fritzie looks as if she might freak out for a second, but pulls herself together. "I've never had anyone use me for my body before. But why me?"

"I'm not quite sure. To be fully honest, I was focused more on killing her than listening to her talk for a change," Joey states. A frown crosses his line. "But what I'm saying is this. All that stuff she told you about Chris being in hell and pretty much whatever else she told you? Was a lie. And while I'm no expert on these things, I think you might be looking in the wrong place for Chris".

Then the Fritz-out possibility came back. "You mean, everything I saw, that was a lie? But it was so clear, and it matched what I had heard before! What are you talking about, Joey?!"

"What I'm saying is that I think Chris is in a far better place than we are," Joey states, noting the possible Fritzout coming. "Chris was a good man. Better man than I'd ever have a chance of being. I think he might be up there instead of down here, so to speak. But I don't know. Your body is safe for now, but things back home have gotten pretty bad. I think it's all coming to a head, sooner rather than later, Fritzie".

"But he's been trying to get in touch with me. Before we met Marie. I talked with Neil about it, and he said something was trying to get in touch with me."

"Look at where we are, Fritzie. Do you think it would be easier to get in touch with you from here, or from Heaven?" Joey asks. "Listen. I don't have all the answers. But I do know that Persephone tricked you. And you might try something else than following what she told you".

"I've just got to know. I can't go back without knowing. And I'm worried too, that there might be reason for him to be down here."

Joey shakes his head. "What does your heart tell you about where Chris is, Fritzie?" the man asks.

"I don't know. I know where he should be, but I also know stuff that he's done, and I'm worried that whoever is in charge of deciding who goes where thought the scale was heavier on the wrong side. That's why I'm down here. To make sure he's where he needs to be. Even if I have to stay here to ensure it."

"Regardless of you being here or not, that's not going to determine where Chris is," Joey says. "I don't think it works like that. But I don't know that much about it. All I know is that I'm dead and this is what I'm aware of". The man sighs. "I have to pay my fine, I guess. I abandoned Kirstin when she needed me. I was under some sort of spell, but still. I think she's dead because of me".

"No, I don't mean move in to hell, I mean make some sort of deal...wait, Kirstin's dead too? What did you do?!"

"Well, something had sort of done some mindjob on me. I could just hear her between me and a crowd of people watching a couple of us save a couple from vampires. They were cheering and applauding, and I could just hear Kirstin being taken. But the crowd sort of...swept me up into the moment". Joey pauses. "Alerion is almost in this world. He's wrecking havoc. It's like a war zone back home right now, and I mean that literally".

"Alerion's almost there? What did you do to the world while I've been gone?!"

Joey frowns. "Jack is a vessel for Alerion. He's gone over the edge bad now. Hessrina, that demon that was chasing the Eye of Alerion? She was also Nokia, and managed to trick us into giving it to her under the disguise of a fake Power That Be. But Alerion used her somehow to strengthen his hold here," Joey states. "Things are not looking great. They're going to have to finish it soon, or that's it". Joey frowns. "Hessrina, that demon that was chasing the Eye of Alerion? She was also Nokia, and managed to trick us into giving it to her under the disguise of a fake Power That Be. But Alerion used her somehow to strengthen his hold here," Joey states. "Things are not looking great. They're going to have to finish it soon, or that's it".

"Who's Hessrina?"

"True demon, I think. Demon of Self-Deception, as I recall," Joey states. "She had one of the eyes, and was chasing after the one Teresa had. You know about those, right?" Joey asks.

"Umm.... I vaguely remember. I was a little distracted at that point in time."

"Basically, they were supposed to allow a glimpse into whatever you needed to do to achieve your goal, if you had both," Joey explains. "But apparently, Hessrina wasn't able to do it properly or something, and Alerion did something. Like she tried to pull all of Alerion's power into her, but he ate her from the inside-out".

"So Nokia's dead? All those poor soldiers..."

"They were alive when we came too," Joey said. "My phone wasn't working though. I hadn't charged it in like eight months, since she powered it. Maybe if I had it at the time, I wouldn't have died".

"I don't think I've ever seen you without your cell phone. Ok. So, you're dead, your girlfriend is dead, and your phone is dead. Anyone else i should look up while I'm down here?"

"I've a feeling that Kirstin is in a far better place. She was a very religious person," Joey says. "I think it's more important you find Chris, be he here or elsewhere, settle that, and go back to the others. They've already lost Chris and myself. They're going to need you, Fritzie".

"I'm just.." She trails off into something too quiet to understand.

"What?" Joey asks.

"I'm too scared to go back. I don't know if I can handle it."

"Why are you afraid to go back?" Joey asks. "The others will be glad to see you again".

"No... it's not that.. its..."

Joey reaches over to put a hand on Fritzie's shoulder, if she lets him. "What is it?"

"I don't want to go back and be all alone again."

"Fritzie. I found a girlfriend. I think there is hope for you," Joey comments with a smile. "And on a more serious note, the others won't let you be alone. You will have friends there who love you. You just have to open yourself up a bit to them. They're all a little hard around the edges now, but once you all defeat Alerion, I think things might get a whole lot better".

"But, they aren't as dependable, and they don't listen, and they just don't smell the same."

"You have to take people on their own merits," Joey says. "Teresa, she'll always be there when you need someone to talk to. Jake is a bit shallow, but he'll come through in the crunch time. Simon is a pretty good guy, really. Once he's not storming around. And, well, as for Ally, you always know how she stands. She doesn't beat around the bush, and if you need frank and direct opinions on something, she'll be the one to go to". He pauses. "Afraid I can't help you with the smell though. But you can't hold them up to a man you cared about like that. But they will listen, if you give them a chance".

"Right. And if things hadn't turned out the way they had at the reunion, how many of them would you still talk to today?"

"People move into and out of our lives," Joey says. "Some stay longer than others, some are only there for a few snapshots of our lives. But that doesn't make them any less of a friend".

Fritzie raises her eyebrows. "The translation of that being that you would have maybe seen them in five years again at the next reunion. Yeah, well, I would have seen Chris again the next day, because I saw him the day before. Don't you realize how unhappy I've been for so long? Do you know how depressing it is to realize that you have almost limitless power, but that it can't even come close to giving you what you really want? When this is all over, do you really think that we all will live in one big house for the rest of our lives? Not really. Do you think I even wanted to save the world? Not really. I'm sorry for rambling, but honestly, I feel like I died back before Chris did, but my body just hasn't stopped moving yet."

"None of us wanted to," Joey says. "It was given to us. Chance, fate, whatever. That's the lot that tied us together. And that's the rub about power. You can control everything, but if what you want is for someone to care for you without you controlling them? That makes all the power anyone has useless," Joey says. "It's what I dealt with for a long time. I had all this skill and power on the field, but I couldn't use that strength to get many dates. It's a small scale compared to your's, but it's the same idea". The man sighs. "I think what you need to do, Fritzie, is find Chris. And my hunch is that you're not going to find him burning up in hell. I know I've never been considered the brightest bulb out there, but I haven't ever led you astray purposefully. Remember back in bizarro world when I came after you?"

"As much as you can claim prom wasn't on purpose." Fritzie grins at him. "Yeah. I know. If I can find him it will all get better. Two questions, though...."

"Come on, I wasn't as dashing of a man back then as I was just recently," Joey says with a grin, striking the classic 'Hero looking into the sunset' pose briefly. "And go for it".

She rolls her eyes. "Give me a break. Seriously though, do you have any idea how I get to heaven?"

Man, talk about making the temperature in Hell rise a few degres with the burnination! Joey shakes his head. "That's not something I know. I popped in here, after all," Joey points out.

"I'll figure something out then. And, um.. What's going to happen to you now? I don't really feel right abandoning you in Hell."

"Well, think of the songs. Highway to Hell. Stairway to Heaven," Joey says with a grin. "And, well. I don't think I can exactly lea...SHIT!" A portal opens up right underneath Joey and he literally falls straight through the floor before it quickly closes back up again.

Fritzie's eyes nearly bug out of her head. She whacks the ground a few times with her fist, but realizes that ground isn't going to be convinced that way. "Ok, now what?", she says to herself, and starts looking around for something to give her some sort of clue as to where she is.

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