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Just Another Day - DVD commentary track #4

Hey, everyone else got the chance to have their characters' secrets and neuroses take centre stage for a while. So I reckon it's Louie's turn!

Poor old Louie. All he wanted was to be smuggled into Teffelsburg on a Russian submarine, and through acts of espionage, sedition, rabble-rousing, and sabotage, precipitate the fall of the USA, the destruction of the evils of world capitalism and the rise of a glorious new Soviet age. That's not too much for a robot to ask, wouldn't you think? But then on his first night in Teffelsburg, he happened across a vampire attacking a priest, who drove it off with a cross. Seeing a genuine 'bloodsucker' somehow driven off by a relic of mere superstition broke Louie's communistic atheist brain. His internal logic ruptured, and in order to make sense of things, his electronic brain melded together Marxist theory and half-learned bits of Christianity to develop the highly ... individual philosophy you have grown to know and love. Having rather embarrassingly lost contact with their highly expensive and experimental spy on his very first night in America, the Russian scientists were rapidly shuffled off into the salt mines of Siberia, and the whole LU-E project withered away, to be completely forgotten with the dissolution of the USSR.

In Bizarro-Teffelsburg, however, it all happened differently. Bizarro-Louie's submarine was delayed when it was discovered some of the borscht rations had gone bad, so he never met the priest, continued functioning as intended, and in due course, fulfilled his mission. 'Let everything be as it should be' was the words of the spell, and this was that place for Louie. This was a world in which he had completed the mission that he still, hopelessly, searches for a way to carry out...

However, Bizarro-Louie didn't really have it all his own way. When Bizarro Fritzie and Mistress Alex came to power and corrupted the Revolution for their own ends (as tends to happen to Revolutions generally) he became restive. He'd been programmed to promote the Revolution for the glorious future it offered the oppressed workers, after all, and the whole police state thing wasn't really what he'd envisioned. He'd almost decided to stage another Revolution, but Bizarro Fritzie and Mistress Alex got in first. They decided not to kill him, partly because when you defeat the entire damn USA you earn a fair few XP out of the deal and they were afraid they couldn't take him, and partly because he was still a hero to the proles and it wouldn't be politically healthy for them to see him duking it out with the leaders of the New World Order. Bizarro Fritzie and Mistress Alex quietly had him walled up in the bottom dungeon of the NWO headquarters and concreted over the door. He's been there ever since, leaving only legends of his mysterious disappearance behind.

Bizarro Louie was our Plot Device In Reserve, in case something went dramatically wrong during the assault on NWO HQ and we had to shove things back on track. He's a lot tougher and a lot more sane than regular Louie, he still has all his revolutionary tactical programming built in, and he's had a lot of time to think, having been cemented into a cell by himself for the last ten years. He could have offered useful advice, could have filled in the blanks on backstory (ie, told the PCs all this stuff), talked sense into regular Louie (at least temporarily), and even helped take on Lux if muscle was required (he was built before her, and is not subject to her control over the other robots).

All of this would have been really nice to include, since it would have explained the season's premise a bit more fully, and the extra combat power would have allowed us to stack another mob of Unit Threes, and perhaps some regular human commandos and a tank, onto the final battle. The more the merrier, hey? But it probably would have added an entire session to the season, and we just didn't have time. And in the end gamerchick forgot Lux's anti-technomagic field, and so it turned out we didn't need the extra head-beating ability in at the climax after all.

So I suppose Bizarro Louie is still sitting by himself in a concrete box in the bottom of the old NWO HQ building, and will be for some time. Man, that guy doesn't have any luck at all, no matter what reality he's in...
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