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Just Another Day - DVD commentary track #1

So, this is the first in an irregular series of 'DVD commentary' entries, drawing back the curtain a little on the plotting and planning that gamerchick and I do to bring you the angst you all know and love. I'm not planning to spoil any future plots here, but I thought it would be fun to have some of the creative process out in the open, shine some light on a few abandoned plots, and answer any questions people have on the That Which Has Gone Before. So, if you've ever wanted to know who Bloody Hank Sixgun was, or who it was who really decided what was going to happen to Lindsey, feel free to ask! I'm a zillion miles away, so I'm not going to be able to sit in on the post-game beer-and-Q&A session once the campaign winds up, but I CAN talk about it here...

From the depths of the AIM archive (where the shadows lie...)

(15:29:51) Beth: I'm thinking we've got to make Jack/Ally a reality during that time. And Joey/Nokia, somehow or another. And do something fun to mix up the Fritzie/Chris/Lindsay thing to the point of being completely unsalvageable. Whee!
(15:34:27) Greg: Jake/Jack (they're the male characters with the highest Attractiveness, so it makes sense!) Also, remember that bad fanfic is utterly stuffed with Dead Characters Coming Back For No Adequately-Explained Reason, so we can play with pretty much anyone. I was thinking Chris/dead!Lindsey, or possibly Chris/dead!unbeknownst!to!Chris!Lindsey. Or Jack/Iris. Jake/Chris. Ally/Mirabella. Man, this is just too much fun! :-D
(15:35:50) Beth: OMFG Rossicest. It *must* happen. And Emma needs to come back from the parallel universe for a poorly explained reason. You're exactly right about the Jack/Jake, too.
(15:38:22) Greg: Maybe we can even have Louie getting some action ;) Pity we've already done the Mary-Sue plot though.
(15:39:33) Beth: Hah, we can try. Although if we bring Emma back right (she's a Slayer/Watcher now, remember?), she can fill the "Mary Sue who everyone loves" slot.
(15:43:43) Greg: Well, no I DON'T remember, actually! Still two sessions behind the times over here! *grin* But the options are limitless. Joey/Big Tony. Jake/every single one of the Initiative zombie girls all at once. Simon Blue/Sabrina.
(15:44:53) Beth: Oh, I thought I mentioned that in an email...maybe not. However, I must say that all of the options you just mentioned are stupendously disturbing to one degree or another. I'm tempted by the Simon/Sabrina thing, given the longstanding tradition of hatred sex in fanfic, however. :-D
(15:45:24) Greg: Jake/P'flug
(15:45:34) Beth: ROFL

From the last email I sent to gamerchick before the session. This is where I got creative...

Chris/Fritzie/Lindsey's jailed cousin whose name I can't remember
Angela/Jedediah Davis ("Maybe *this* will teach you to respect your elders...")
Joey/Mrs Rossi
Joey/Felipe (compulsory hatred sex)
Jay/the rest of Jay's band
Owen/Chris (werewolf dominance games)
Owen/Chris/Mrs Rossi
Gargoyle/the female PC who interacted most with the gargoyles ("The eggs are all broken, but there may be another way that we can reproduce...")
Chris/Joppler (Now, boy, let's see you EARN your managerial position at my shop!")
Angela/Fritzie/Ally (Angela demonstrating some of the more esoteric meditation techniques she learnt in Tibet to the two friends who she thinks have lost their way...)
Ally/Emma (Emma comes back as a know-it-all Mary Sue Slayer watcher to set Ally back on the Right Path through hawt sexx0rs)
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