Humble minion (humbleminion) wrote in teffelsburg_ct,
Humble minion

Just Another day - DVD commentary track #2

Now, anyone who's ever run a game will be all too aware of the way that PCs always take the course of action that you DIDN'T prepare for in advance, the contrary buggers. But conversely, there's some things you do prepare for that never happen, so all your devious planning goes to waste. At which point you post it here...

Problem: In the final battle at Chandler's Brook, Jake splits into a horde of ninjas, each with a copy of Dark Side, and cuts the Patchwork King up into little bits before he can sample Alerion or do any of the other dramatic plotty stuff we expect him to.
Solution: The entangling vine powers that the Patchwork King possesses at this stage wraps up one ninja as tight as a mummy. Cerberath then promptly samples said ninja, drains its power (killing it, since it only has 5 hit points or something pathetic) and then copies himself a dozen or so times, making our poor GMs life considerably easier. If that doesn't keep the Jake ninjas busy, nothing will!
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