andonthefritz (andonthefritz) wrote in teffelsburg_ct,

Fritzie's downtime

In the time after the rumble at Chandler's Brook, there is a definite change in Fritzie. While never really a social butterfly within the slayer house, social interaction is more the exception than the rule. If someone approaches her, all and well, but she very rarely initiates something on her own. She replaces any furniture in her room that needs it, and re-blocks the door between her room and Chris's former room with one of the giant Bizarro Evil Fritzie Banners.

A lot of her time is spent at her store. She rarely will take a day off, and while there acts as normally as before towards her employees and customers. However, she does spend an increased amount of time in her office, and while in the past, the door had usually been open, it now tends to be closed and locked while she is inside. If anyone asks, she says something about preparing for an individual art show that she's planning on putting on in the near future. The increased stacks of canvases in her office and the basement would seem to match that, but the accrual doesn't account for the amount of time spent behind closed doors. Anyone who knocks on the door would hear the shuffling of papers, and the closing of desk drawers before being allowed inside. Along with the normal delivery of art supplies and so forth, Fedex and UPS start delivering some rather curious looking packages.

She takes the lead in cleaning out Chris's apartment, and actually asks for volunteers to help. Anyone who goes along with her may notice that she holds on to the bloodstained t-shirt with the bullet holes that she and Chris had discussed the fate of earlier. She also re-appropriates Chris's car (her justification being that since he never finished helping her find one, but does offer to compensate Mrs. Rossi for it), and does her best to make sure that any other assets that Chris had go to Mrs. Rossi. Fritzie also somewhat adopts Chris and Jake's mother, and starts visiting Mrs. Rossi regularly to make sure that she is handling everything ok. If anyone asks, her response is that since she lacks parents, and Mrs Rossi lacks children, they understand eachother.

Now that she has a car, she will occasionally disappear with a shovel and/or magic supplies for a few hours. It is up to Beth if she comes back with anything or not (Beth, let me know if you don't remember what it was that she is looking for). Otherwise, in the evenings, if pestered enough about it, will go on patrol with other fragments, but is more likely to spend different parts of the night at the cemetery where certain former group members currently not-live. Her explination is that she's worried that some unsavory demon element will get the idea of doing something to the graves/corpses, so she's just trying to establish a presence like they did with the Zebracorn.
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