teresatp (teresatp) wrote in teffelsburg_ct,

Teresa's Downtime

Teresa, by virtue of her personality and less intense relationship with the fallen Fragments, is probably the quickest to bounce back. She resumes her routine from before hand, though now taking more time at work to manage the employees as a partner to Kermit and even more time to work the administrative stuff to 'ease Fritizie's load.' This results in her spending some time at Art-Mental at least six days a week. Saturdays are her day of freedom however, not responding to anything work related at all.

Around the house she does her best to be a positive influence on everyone there. Each Saturday she opens up the opportunity for anyone willing to accompany her to see a movie during the afternoon and/or going out around Teffelsburg or New York that evening. At first she doesn't push anyone to come along, understanding that the Fragments and their cohorts would need some space and time, but by the end of the Summer she's looking to bring as many along as possible on every outting.

The rest of her spare time isn't as free as it has been in the past. Instead of going out night after night she's either helping out with the upkeep of the house (cleaning up zombie goo or showing Simon how to house chores 'correctly') or giving patrollers some back-up.

Ally (and possibly Fritzie and Joey) may notice a pile of demon anatomy books and sorcery texts first move from the library to Teresa's room, then vanish altogether. Teresa doesn't remember where she put them if asked.
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